In the Second Friendly Match..Al Ain Netted Vulgori Volcano 7-1 during Montikantini Camp


Al Ain football first team showerd Vulgori Volcano team in seven goals in the friendly match played on Monday evening. Vulgori is one of San Marino league teams. The match was played at Montikantini stadium.

The first half was over 3-0 for Al Ain and each of Rayan 56’, and 75’, Diaky 26’, Mohammed Ahmed 38’, Mioslav 45’, Rashid Issa 66’, and Khalid Khalfan scored for Al Ain while Matini scored for the opponent.

From the very beginning Al Ain controlled the match and dominated the midfield area to show their style and Miroslav was about to score early for Al Ain but the GK could save it.

Al Ain Strikes
Diaky scored for Al Ain when he sent a rocket shoot rested in the net 26’. Mohd Ahmed also scored when he jumped for a cross sent by Ahmed Al Shamisi to head it in the net 36’. By the end of the first half Miroslav scored for Al Ain from a smacking low kick and the first half was over 3-0 for Al Ain.

More Goals
In the second half Al Ain continued pressuring the opponent and Yusuf Ahmed scored but cancelled as considered offside.

Rayan sent a rocket kick when he saw the GK advanced and scored for Al Ain 56’. Rashid Issa also scored after a great tactic played with Yusuf Ahmed and Rashid to end by a kick from the last 66’.

Matini from Vulgori scored his sole team goal in the 70th minute.
Rayan added his second and followed by Khalid Khalfan’s goal and the match was over 7-1 for Al Ain.

Al Ain Squad
First half: Waleed Salem, Mohammed Fayez, Mohanad, Mohd Ahmed, Ahmed Al Shamisi, Ahmed Barman, Sultan Al Ghaferi, Kembo, Mohd Saedi, and Miroslav.

Second Half: Waleed Salem, Saeed, Faris, Ismail, Abdul Aziz, Yusuf, and later Khalid replaced Yusuf.

Vulgori Squad: David, Bilota, Milo, Falonti, Tayobi, Baghini, Fughaniti, Sisco, Mirsoka, and Michele.

Torpica, referee, and Duranti Gabriel and Claudio are linemen.


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