Mohammed Fawzi Joins Al Ain Camp in Italy


Zlatko Satisfied by Kembo the Last Foreign Player of Al Ain

Coming from Bani Yas, Mohammed Fawzi signed for Al Ain for three seasons and he will join Al Ain camp in Italy while Bandar Ahbabi and Abdul Salam Mohd Joined Bani Yas.

Al Ain closed summer window moves after Zlatko shows satisfaction by the French player Jeres Kembo coming from Jesh after one year loan contract in the last season.

H.E. Mohammed Obeid Hammad, Al Ain football first team supervisor, assured that Zlatko assigned some positions and names during the meeting with the technical and professional committee by the end of the season and included a right winger. Zlatko also showed interest in Mohammed Fawzy as he can play in many positions and we wish him success with Al Ain.

He added: “Mohammed Fawzy is an important player in the national team and he is an effective one as he has great skills and good personality in field along with good experience he earned from his previous team and the national team.”

“Zlatko attempts to support the team with the best players getting ready for the team challenges in ACL and domestic league and according to his view Al Ain administration brought each of Rashid Issa, lee Joo, Miroslav Stoch, and Mohammed Fawzy despite the number of the moves is limited but came as per the team needs.” 

“The performance of Al Ain by the end of the season is due to the local players next to the foreign ones as well but Zlatko got satisfied by Kembo and renew trust in him and after long test for the player the technical and professional committee approved the player.”

“Al Ain completed all moves for this season. There were some negotiations with some of foreign players but Zlatko chose Kembo. However Al Ain now includes a good number of players in all positions starting by the young GK Mohammed Busandah who found his way to the national team and so are all of the players in all lines of the team.”

Hammad praised Kembo’s wish to be back to Al Ain assuring that he has a good knowledge about Al Ain team and players and he showed great match with the players during the training session and the friendly matches and impressed the coach.

Hammad also indicated that Gyan will join Al Ain in the second phase during the friendly championship in Al Ain club as he will play two matches against Kuwait and Al Nasr of KSA.

Asked about Bandar and Abdul Salam move to Bani Yas and he replied: “definitely the belong to Al Ain and Al Ain will stay their first home and we wish them back to Al Ain in the near future. They moved as per the administration directions and for the best of the three parties, Al Ain, Bani Yas and the players so they can get a chance of playing as main players with Bani Yas in AG league.”   

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