In First Friendly Match Al Ain Beat Montikatini by Faris and Diaky


Al Ain football first team won the first friendly match 2-0 over Montikantini. The frinldy match was played during the preparation camp of Al Ain in Italy. Each of Faris Juma 38' and Ibrahim Diaky 44' scored for Al Ain.

Zlatko pushed to the match 26 players.

The match quickly evolved and Al Ain made the first attack by Mohd Al Saedi who was blocked by the defender and Al Ain had a free kick kicked by Mohammed Abdurrahman but passed acute the post 5'.

Al Ain controlled the midfield while the opponent nly made counterattacks and they made their first attack but Al Ain GK Busandah could control it.

Al Ain Attacks
Al Ain was about to score from Mohd Abdurrahman pass to Diaky but the GK controlled the last kick 16'.

After 30 minutes Zlatko made some changes and sent Bandar, Rashid, and Yusuf to the pitch instead of Miroslav, Mohd Al Saedi, and Mohd Abdurrahman. Yusuf was about to score for Al Ain but the GK also moved it away 31'.

Al Ain Scores
In the 38' minute Faris scored his header from the corner kick by Bandar from the right to rest in the net. Diaky scored the second just after 6 minutes when he jumped to a cross sent by Bandar to control the ball by chest and kick it to the net. And the first half was over 2-0.

In the second half the home team wanted to score nd made some attacks but Daoud Suleiman of Al Ain could keep his net clean.

Jeres from Al Ain dribbled the Italian players and kicked the ball low to pass acute the right bar 72'. Khalid Khalfan also sent a kick passed near the left bar 79'. Rayan also dribbled with Jeres and passed to Khalid who kicked the ball moved away by the GK hardly 88' and the match was over 2-0 for Al Ain.

Al Ain Squad: Mohd Busandah, Mohd Fayez, Ismail Ahmed, Faris Juma, Mohd Ahmed, Lee Joo, Ahmed Al Shamisi, Ibrahim Diaky, Mohd Abdurrahman, Mohd Al Saedi, Miroslav, and in the second half each of Daoud Suleiman, Fawzy Fayez, AbdulSalam Mohd, Mohand Salem, Saeed Al Menhali, Ahmed Barman, Sultan Al Ghaferi, Kembo, Bandar, Rashid, and Yusuf stepped to the pitch. In the last 15 minutes Khalid Khalfan, Rayan and Abdul Aziz joined the team.

Montikantini Squad: Bojiti, Vitori, Loti, Jampa, Skotis, Ferossini, Segilio, Monsini, Mengali, Seritini, and Del Vita.

Sikshi, referee, Intra, and Beliomini, linesmen.

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