Zlatko Call Kembo and rest Gyan and Hilal..Roses and Snowing Rain Welcome Al Ain in Erzurum


Al Ain delegation arrived to Erzurum in Turkey at 4:30 Ankara time, and 5:30 Abu Dhabi time, to start the camp and was welcomed by the Eksando Hotel Manager and the hotel officials with roses.

The delegation left today afternoon from Al Ain airport on a private jet. H.E. Mohammed Abdulah bin Bdoua, Al Ain FC board member, was at the airport to say goodbye to the delegation member and he journey to Erzurum lasted for four hours.

After the procedures of getting into Turkey were over Al Ain left to Erzurum to the Hotel which took 15 minutes by bus and the rain became a storm so the bus and the rain continued.

Zlatko’s Respect
Al Ain head coach Zlatko was keen to never eat anything during the 4 ours trip as a kind of respect for the players who were fasting and after Iftar he congratulated them for arriving safe and told the players: we must know that we have double responsibility comparing to the efforts of Sheikh Abdullah Mohd Khalid S Al Nahyan and the board members who always works on preparing all success reasons for Al Ain.”

Zlatko gave rest to Hilal Saeed and Gyan from Erzurum camp but he called Kembo to join the camp and he is the one who can decide the 4th foreign player.

Evening Training
Al Ain trained in the evening at 11:00 pm in the gymnasium of the hotel and they also did some muscles exercises in the swimming pool.

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