Al Ain to Camp in Turkey on a Private Jet


As per Sheikh Abdullah Mohd Khalid S Al Nahyan, Al Ain Fc Board Chairman, Al Ain first team delegation leaves at 12:00 pm on Friday on a private jet to Turkey from Al Ain International Airport to start the first phase of their preparations for the new season.

Al Ain during the camp will have three friendly matches against Turkish teams on 10,13, and 18 of July. Later they will be back to Al Ain friendly championship from 21 to 26 of July and will play each of Al Nasr from KSA, and Kuwait.

Al Ain Delegation
H.E. Mohammed Obeid Hammad, team supervisor, headed the delegation followed by Nasser Al Jenebi, team administrator, Zlatko Dalic, team manager, Branimir Jogivic, and Hisham Srour, assistant coaches, Bashar Al dbul Jaleel, GKs coach, Franco Liko, fitness coach, Muhsen Balhoz, nutritionist, Abdul Nasser Al Juhani, Ivika, Miroslav, and Marlin, therapists, Khalid Mustafa, media officer, Park Song, Translator, Saeed bin Ali, video man, Abdul Aziz Saeed, Photographer, Khalid Abdul Karim, and Mohammed Nour Al Huda, clerks, Asharf Abdul Karim, and Adel Najati, cooks.

29 players joined Al Ain delegation and they are: “Hilal Saeed, Ibrahim Diaky, Ismail Ahmed, Omar Abdurrahman, Rashid Issa, Mohd Abdurrahman, Saeed Musabeh, Mohd Ahmed, Khalid Issa, Ahmed Al Shamisi, Abdul Salam Mohd, Mohd Salem, Waleed Salem, Faris Juma, Mohd Fayez, Ali Al Wehaibi, Fawzy Fayez, Lee Muyng Joo, Mohd Al Saadi, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Sultan Al Ghaferi, Khalid Abdurrahman, Daoud Suleiman, Abdul Aziz Fayez, Rayan Yaslam, Mohd Busandah, Yusuf Ahmed, Ahmed Barman, and Miroslav who joined Al Ain recently.

Hard Mission
Zlatko, Al Ain manager, assured that Al Ain target for this season is to go further in the ACL which will start by a tough match, so we must get the team ready well and if we had the needed motivation we will do our best to reach the semifinal.

“I trust my players and we started well in Al Ain and we will complete our program in Turkey and we are waiting for the national players to join us there in Turkey. However our main target now is the match against Itihad.”

Asked about the new players and he replied: “definitely we need to enhance our team by the best players and Miroslav is an excellent player but we need also a local player who can play in midfield and wings with striking skills. I know well Rashid just came from injury so we must be careful with him. However Lee Joo will take Radoi’s place on pitch. We still need another player but we must not be in hurry and choose the best.”

Fans and Audience
Zlatko Stated: “I expect this season a bigger number of fans than those in the last season to support us in the coming challenges. I know the team wasn’t as sought but in the past three months we fixed it and saved our season. Now there is nothing annoying the fans and we are doing our best.”

Great Striker
Asked about Gyan in the World Cup 2014 and he replied: “I congratulate him for the performance he showed with his national team in the world cup and he scored great goals and he needs rest now and I will give him the time to be ready for the coming challenges.”

Asked about the Croatian team and he replied: “I expected them to qualify and reach high levels but they lost to Mexico who were better than my national team in the match. So many European teams left the world cup early like Spain, England, and Italy but our national team seemed good. I expected Brazil to win the world cup but as I see there many surprises and football admit no expectations.”   

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